The blog "toughlook/donthurt" is a collaboration between two friends with the aim to inspire and to be inspired. Not only of one another and for each other but also by the readers and for the follower.

Founded in late 2010 it is focused on fashion related articles and personal outfit posts.

Regarding my style i dont see any limits. Preferably a little bit of rock, a little bit of casual, a little bit of chic. What you wear has such a great impact on how you feel and what you wear also expresses who you are.

Selected articles written by me :

"Blogger at MBFW 2011"

"Pact with the devil ? Jeans from North Korea."

"Model crush & Men's fashion."

Activities as contributor of "toughlook/donthurt" :

JAN 2011 Twoforfashion : Fashion & Fame Styling competition

FEB 2011 London Fashion week 

featured on vogue.co.uk / harperz bazaar uk by Candice Lake

            on fullfrontalfashion by the Facehunter

attended Vivienne Westwood, John Rocha, etc.

JUNE 2011 Mens Fashion Week Paris

attended Mugler, Henrik Vibskov, John Lawrence Sullivan etc.

APRIL TO JULY 2012 Iinternship at ELLE magazine Vietnam

featured on various vietnamese websites / tv shows / magazines

other blogs :  www.blackberrytales.tumblr.com // www.juliadoan.tumblr.com

Each blog has a purpose of its own, as diverse as they might be, they all reflect me.