I'm starting to look pregnant haha. Ok I have to admit, part of it is fat for sure because my eating habits have been HORRIBLE lately. Like I eat out a lot, I overeat a lot, I eat a lot of sweets, and yeah, I'm sure that contributed to the growth of my belly, but still, part of it is my baby girl !

Yeah after I have been for another check up and ultrasound here in Saigon it turned out my baby is a little girllll and not a boy. I'm worried because I'm usually not that good with girls and what if she wants to be a pink fairy princess later on ? I'm sure I won't get around making sacrifices when it comes to interior and clothing. But it's ok, pink used to be my favourite colour as well until I was 16, and I loved Hello Kitty to death haha.

A little recap of my medical check up at FV hospital in Saigon, D7. Wow, one fancy hospital for sure ! Hospitals in Germany are mostly kind of old and not that fancy, so I was super amazed. Gynaecology department was crowded with Vietnamese and foreigners alike. All the doctors seem to be very busy, especially the one I picked, Dr. Hieu, head of department. I wasn't so happy about that because I would have wished for a little more attention and conversation because it's my first pregnancy after all. So now I scheduled another appointment with her, just to talk ! About upcoming appointments, how much everything is going to cost and all that, you know.



as always.

I received a funny comment in one of my pregnancy ootd posts, which said that I shouldn't wear black because it will affect my childs..... idk something. I don't know how to translate it right now but you know what I mean right ? And oh boy did I roll my eyes. First of all, pregnancy is not a reason for people to tell you what to do and not to do in my opinion. If you are asked for opinion of if you have really great advise that you want to share, that's fine. But don't go around with advises which are not even your own (because you have never been pregnant and read it online once), and try to make people feel guilty for what they do. I wear whatever makes me feel comfortable, and as long as my jeans still fit, I will wear them. And if black is my favourite colour to wear, I will do so as well. I check a lot of pregnant women on Instagram these days and those sexy moms don't have it easy either. Don't wear high heels, don't reveal your body so much and bla bla bla. 

You do, whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy. That's it. I'm not used to dresses for example so now I have to go and find more pants because most of my pants did get very very tight or do not fit at all anymore. In Germany most major retailers have pregnancy departments with cool clothes, but here most of the things I've seen have been oversized dresses with floral or cat patterns lol. If you know where to get more casual pregnancy clothing in HCMC, let me know.

For now I have a cold to cure. 

How we plan to give birth and where are we going to live ?

Pregnancy Week 15.

Ok you probably know almost nothing about my boyfriend who is going to be the father of my children. Yes, it was super fresh when we started out and we had been knowing each other a month when I received the news that I'm pregnant, but in that month we have talked so much about everything, including starting a family, that I just feel like he will be a great dad and always supportive partner. He is so so so kind and sweet, he is smart and we are so alike in so many ways, it was impossible not to fall in love. We met in Hanoi where he lives and we have been in a far distance relationship for like 5 months now. Other people would say this is crazy. We would say this is crazy if it wasn't happening to us. But we feel perfectly happy and fine with the situation. After my last two-year relationship and having read 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' and 'Emotional Agility', I feel like I have matured a lot. I spent 6 months just reflecting on myself and what I did wrong in my previous relationships and I'm sure it lies in my hands whether this one is about to last or not. Great books, read them if you can. 

Anyway, one big question mark we are standing in front of right now is, where to give birth ? He is going to support me no matter what decision I make, Germany or Vietnam. I guess he just wants me to be happy and I wouldn't want him to take that decision from me but I'm still not sure. I make it dependant on my mom. I know I will need her when I give birth. And probably the whole month after I give birth.

La Astoria / 383 Nguyen Duy Trinh, Binh Trung Tay ward, District 2

The second big question is, where are we going to live ? He's living in Hanoi with his parents right now, I'm sharing an apartment with two friends. The contract is going to run out by the end of the year and I will give birth end of this year. Are we going to buy an apartment or are we going to invest into a project and rent an apartment ? I know buying sounds big at 24, but shared by two it's so so so affordable in Saigon. I recommend you to look into the property market here and make investments haha. Can't go wrong with that. Saigon sure is going to develop the next 20 years. There is one project I'd really like to buy, it's the newest project by the SSG group which built Saigon Pearl, and it's called Binh An Pearl. I really like how close it is so close to Thao Dien in District 2, but also easily accessible from district one and it's also really close to the new city center in the Thu Thiem area (where there is nothing right now). But Lotte is going to contribute to a huge piece of land there, should be good haha. For renting, the only places I like are apartment in French-colonial buildings (but I don't want to live in District 1 because of Juju and traffic and everything), orrrr La Astoria ! La Astoria is a building in district 2. The far-end of district 2. In the middle of nowhere basically. But apartment-wise, it's seriously the only one that I like. I have this thing, I like high ceilings (hence I like old French apartments). And I looked through a lot of apartment buildings on the market right now, and they all look the same to me. La Astoria uses the same materials as other apartments as well, but it's a loft apartment which means it has super high ceilings ! It's the only one I could find. And it's super far but the rent is like only 400-450$ a month. So we could rent there and save on rent that goes on my uber bill haha. I also actually started to like the fact that it's a little far outside. Less traffic, less pollution, more walking space for Juju (dogs are not banned there yet according to a FB friend) and yeah. We are still considering all options but I think we will go for La Astoria (actually it's my decision, he could probably live under a rock and it'd be fine as long as we have each other lol) for renting and on the side invest into a new construction project (which will be finished in probably two years). 

I also freaked out about all the things to buy an invest for the baby, but then I figured I'll just take whatever I can get from Cookie's old stuff and friends. I know that babies grow super fast, I've seen it on Cookie, and it's a waste to invest so much into a super fancy wardrobe and in two weeks it won't fit anymore. Things I will invest in are a nice bed (I think I'll get this Sebra one), a very good air cleansing machine and regarding baby products, I will import everything from Germany. It's cheaper and I trust the quality. (Seriously, German products are cheaper than their counterparts available in Vietnam).

So yeah, that's an update on my life I guesss. I will try not to stress out anymore and be chill during my pregnancy. Nothing I can't handle anywayyyyy. 

BERLIN DAY 3: I saw Julia Junior's heartbeat and toes !!

The initial reason I came to Germany this time was to get myself checked out.
And it was a good decision.

I don't know whether it was just the hospital I went to for my first check up (Benh Vien Phu San Quoc Te on Bui Thi Xuan Street), or those specific doctors, but I felt treated like I came in for a running nose and not to confirm that I'm expecting my first child ever. It was super unfriendly and just not what I would expect from doctors who deal with people who are about to become mom's. In Germany announcing a pregnancy is still a big awwwww and congratulations thing. At that hospital I was treated like, you are 7.5 weeks pregnant, here is your ultrasound photo, go get the blood test, come back in two months. No explanations, nothing. And I paid like 200$ for everything. They also gave me medicine with no explanations, I googled them and decided not to take them. I don't trust medicine that has no google record except for random Vietnamese websites and the Korean pharmacy company website. So yeah, I went for my second check up here in Berlin at my gynaecologist and he was super kind and friendly, explained a billion things to me, told me what to take care of, what not, and it was just a much more pleasant experience. I might change to benh vien hanh phuc after I come back to Vietnam and if I don't like it there either I'll definitely do all my check ups in Germany and probably give birth in Germany. Let's see. Anyway, ultrasound !!! I was super worried about my baby because I've been having stomach pain and everything. I'm a pessimist, what if it died in my belly and i didn't know (ok too extreme lol). But what if ??? So I didn't even accept the fact that I will be a mother until I saw its heart beating on that ultrasound screen and when I saw the arms and legs and all the five toes, I was close to tears. What an experienceeeeee. Seriously. There's something inside of me man : )))) You know I'm not the girly girly girl who is like super optimistic, warm and always happy. I'm more a pessimist and prepared for the worst, but I am looking forward to Julia Juniorrrr. The only thing I'm worried about is stretch marks (no after long research, cremes barely help), and my bigger getting boobs. And breastfeeding and teared up nipples and all that. Sounds horrible to me. But I trust all the millions of women who have done this before me and say that everything is forgotten once you hold your baby in your arms for the first time haha.

BERLIN DAY 2: I announced my pregnancy !

Wow you can consider this blogging regularly already : )))

Hat - Zara Man / Shirt + Hoodie - Weekday (new) / Necklace - H&M / Earrings & Bag - Floralpunk

Wow I woke up at 9am this morning and I felt amazing. I got up really slowly, had breakfast, started doing some work until my dad came home and we had a brainstorming session about a new business idea, then I suggested going to town to check out some new restaurants. I'm the kind of person, if I buy something new that I like, I will wear it permanently for a while. I bought this super oversized shirt and hoodie at Weekday yesterday, and actually the shirt is so comfy I bought two more today. I mixed everything with my usual basics and paired it with my new love: a bag from Floralpunk's upcoming new arrivals. This bag is a piece that would make anyyy outfit less boring !

After my shopping spree around Friedrichstrasse (I bought my first pregnancy dress at Zara's Sale lol), I went to visit my friend Helyyyyy. Some people think she's my sister because same family name and all but no, not blood-related haha. She recently opened a lash salon and I'm so proud of her for that ! It really does look so nice !

Reinhardtstr. 29, Berlin
Instagram: @helys.lab

I picked her up from work and while I was there, my boyfriend sent me the link to this Kenh14 article and I was so shocked. I actually announced my pregnancy on Instagram today and I just didn't think to receive that many reactions. I'm so thankful to everyone who congratulated me and my boyfriend, and I still can't believe Kenh14 did an article about us haha. It wasn't like hottest news of the days, obviously, because Song Hye Kyo is getting married to that hot guy from that drama they starred in together, but still, it was a great surprise to us. I guess now all I'll keep you guys updated about is my pregnancy and all the things I'll have to buy for the pregnancy and the baby. Honestly speaking I had worries about making my pregnancy public not because of reactions but more because of the fear, what if something goes wrong. But now it's too late anyway, even my ex bf's sister knows about it : ))) Anyway, thanks again so much to everyone who is happy for me, because don't worry, I'm happy tooooo : D