#JJSTUFF: Ball Pit

I’m overly ambitious with my blog right now so I will additionally share some JJ things in here haha. I personally find it hard to find and buy things in Vietnam and I’m sure there are other people who feel the same so I want to do more to to help others.


We got this Ball Pit a while ago from Park & Lam. It’s a Facebook shop from Hanoi run by a Vietnamese-Korean couple and I was soo surprised because the pit also had JJ stitched on it. Like so so cute ! I discovered Park & Lam after I already bought everything for JJ, otherwise I could have gotten everything from there. I even bothered to fly all the way to Seoul to get one of those UV bottler sterilizers because I like those better than the usual steam ones. At Park & Lam, they even have stock, so I could have saved myself so much money and effort haha. Everything they sell is imported from Korea and for now I just wish they’d have a shop on Shoppee or Lazada. I’m not a fan of ordering and browsing on Facebook to be honest. But if you don’t mind, check out their Facebook here.

I think the biggest question for any mom would be, do I need this ? No you don’t. That for sure. But it’s so nice to have. JJ still plays in it and with it every day. She is standing now so she uses it to pull herself up, to throw balls for Juju to catch and sometimes she just lays in there chilling. It takes up quite some space but luckily our new living room is big enough. It is fun to have and I think kids enjoy ball pits until they are much older. I still loved them when I was like 6 or so. Thanks again so much to the Park & Lam team for sending this over. I was so surprised because I didn’t know that they know JJ and me haha.

Sustainability & Anti-plastic Movement - Just a Hype ?

JJ changed my life and view on things in many different ways.


“Oh, we can’t change anything about it anyway. How can we not use plastic anymore ?” It’s the same as wanting to live healthy and then still shoving that big cup of The Alley Tra sua duong den into your belly. I’m not going to be a preacher here. I’m not going to tell you to stop using single-use plastic. I just urge you, to be more aware. To avoid it, if you can. And no, this is not me doing PR for Helly Tong’s LaiDay Refill Station, but me sharing my real opinion on things. I know what people say. But what people say doesn’t matter. What matters is this one girl, taking action, and trying to change things. SHE matters. She is fucking trying to save this planet. To change things. To make our country a better place. For our sake. But she can’t do that by herself. Without other people’s support.

If you’ve been to Phu Quoc and there was no plastic, it’s because somebody cleaned the beach that morning. Because when I went, and it was stormy, it was impossible to keep the plastic from coming ashore. All kind of instant noodle packaging, straws, plastic bags. Everybody knows it’s really hard to recycle plastic. A lot of the plastic thrown into nature will take dozens and hundreds of years to decompose. And it’s just going to get more and more.

I mean I didn’t really care until I had JJ. The future didn’t matter so much. I was drunk every night, how could I. I was too busy caring about myself, and how to get my life on track, and my own cause of empowerment. Nature wasn’t too much of a deal to me. Plastic wasn’t much of a deal. But now I have a baby. And I have the opportunity to raise that baby to be a responsible citizen of this world. And in order to do so, I have to lead by example somehow.


Helly’s Ambitions with her efforts and LaiDay Refill station inspire me to do better. Besides educating the public, at Laiday you can purchase more sustainable products, and reduce your own plastic usage by refilling household products such as shampoo, shower geld, laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, etc. Lai Day is a great concept store and a mile stone for Vietnam’s sustainability movement. It shouldn’t be just a hype or something people condemn as hypocritical. Because it’s people, such as Helly Tong, and their ambitions that change the world we live in, for the better of all of us.


"Lại đây, lại đầy"
Facebook: Lại Đây Refill Station
Website: https://www.laidayrefill.com
Address: 83 Xuan Thuy Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

A family portrait

And modern gender roles

JJ and family-31.jpg
JJ and family-28.jpg
JJ and family-30.jpg
JJ and family-25.jpg
JJ and family-20.jpg
JJ and family-19.jpg
JJ and family-24.jpg
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JJ and family-10.jpg
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JJ and family-3.jpg
JJ and family-4.jpg

Everyone does whatever is necessary and needs to be done. There are no gender roles in our household. Nam takes care of the baby and house work along with me. Both of us have a stable income and a mutual account and both of us provide the same amount of money each month. I want everything to be equal in our household. In my past relationships I always let the guys take care of everything financial and that often led to frictions. I'm a modern woman, earn my own living, why do I need a guy to take care of me like a princess when I don't even want to be a princess. That's what I thought after my last relationship and adapted to this one and it works perfectly well and everybody is happy. The same goes for tasks. There are tasks that Nam prefers to do like washing clothes or bringing out the trash and then there are tasks I'm more likely to do like vacuum cleaning and ironing. But in general there is no slacking off. When he has time to do the dishes, he will. When I have time to do it, I will. When JJ is crying and needs to be fed, whoever has more time at hand at that moment will do it. There is no arguing over tasks because both of us feel responsible. 


We moved about a month ago and so far we have... not a lot haha.

Saigon minimal apartment

1. Mattress, pillows, blanket and covers from JYSK
(I also have pillow and blanket covers from Home Up 1988)
2. Mirror - I got mine made at a mirror place on Calmette street, near Nguyen Thai Binh intersection, but UMA and JYSK also have plain mirrors
(I get so many questions about my mirror, apparently it's hard to fine a simple black framed mirror haha)
3. Bedside table & lamp - IKEA CHINA
(I often order stuff from China, you can use a shipping agent for this)

rubber plant minimal plant

1. Sideboard - from Mitssy.com
(they customise, I picked one and asked them to paint it black)
2. Ladder & Chair - IKEA CHINA
(Yeah we have only one chair so far lol)
3. Table - Square roots, bought from The Shed in Thao Dien
(Square Roots is produced in Vietnam, but not a lot of people know about it on the local market, I actually found it while browsing Taobao haha)
4. Speakers - B&O Beolit 17 through Techland
(they have pretty good prices compared to intl pricings)
5. TV - LG Oled 55" through Nguyen Kim

6. Fridge - also Nguyen Kim

Juju toy poodle

1. Plants - buy them on Thanh Thai Street, District 10 for really good prices !
(I bought my rubber plant a small one in D7 for 250K, on Thanh Thai I bought a huge one for the store at only 300K)
2. Scented candles - Peony Home (but the burning time is not very long)


1. Air purifyer - Xiaomi through Lazada
(I'm cannot tell whether it's good, useful or not, but it feels better to have one haha)
2. Almost all kitchen products are from Lock & Lock or WMF thanks to mom
(My mom sent me so many things from Germany, you know how they are... Nothing beats German quality blabla)
3. The crib is from IKEA China as well, but the baby bedroom is so so far from finished haha


So yeah, every time I stories something in my apartment I get a couple questions about where I buy my furniture, where I got something from, etc. For furniture it's quite easy by now to get things that are not super colourful, but for other things, especially kitchen utility products, you really have to search, or do it like me. Buy everything on Amazon (in my case Amazon Germany), and have it shipped back here.

In a lot of cases I figured it's cheaper to buy already available products and ask them to customise for you, rather than getting your own furniture made. I got scammed so so so many times and in almost all cases received a shitty product which I had to resell for a lot cheaper. We are currently waiting for our sofa, which we ordered at He Studio, but sofacompany has nice products as well, just not exactly the style that I wanted and waiting times are way too long. A home takes time to build, so I'm not in a rush with anything. Right now I'm only looking for more chairs for our kitchen table and I want to get a couple frames made, because none of the ones available to purchase meet my quality expectations. 

One thing I'd like to point out, what a lot of people don't expect, Vietnam is NOT cheap when it comes to interior. If you want a decent quality product, you have to pay a lot more than what you'd pay at your furniture store in the US or Germany. It's especially hard if you are looking for minimal products that look right, like me. So yeah, I hope this post was helpful to some, gimme a like if you think it was : D