I don’t know watches. I was just browsing The Real Real after clicking on a newsletter link, ended up on a page with watches and really liked these two.


There is a little typo in my graphic but I didn’t have the time to fix it and considering not a lot of people will see this post anyway I’ll just leave it as it is. Anyway, I often to online window shopping. Window shopping because you just look through all the stuff but never buy anything. I’m one of those people who can spend hours browsing, putting things in my shopping cart and end up just closing the tab, and that’s it.

I didn’t wanted to post these two watches on my instagram stories because I felt like it isn’t the right platform, so I’ll just post them here. My monthly views have gone down close to zero, and this is my last platform on which I feel people are less likely to judge me on my every move. Honestly, I’m tired of it, but it is a recognized addiction. And I’m definitely an addict. A social media addict.

The Harry Winston watch is sooo pretty, everything I love. Pretty classic shape, black croc leather strap, a little bit of bling. It’s 12,995 USD though. The Rolex is a classic but somehow I think this colourway looks cute. It’s about less than half the Harry Winston, and both are available on that luxury second hand online shop The Real Real right now. I found that website through a Youtube video I watched on Hermes bags the other day haha.

Glossier haul

When you know somebody is sending something back from the US
and you feel like you need to buy something...


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Beauty Blogger Vietnam Glossier Haul
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skin first make up second glossier

Good that I just bought a whole OHUI skin care set because I totally forgot that I had ordered something at Glossier. The thing when you live in Vietnam is, you don't have a lot of shopping options here yet. Shipping to Vietnam is mostly expensive and import taxes are also ridiculous sometimes. And sometimes your shipping agent works really fast and your stuff arrives within five days, and sometimes they are really slow and after two weeks you totally forget that you ordered something at all. My case with this parcel. I ordered a bunch of stuff on Urban Outfitters, amazon and Glossier, and then I totally forgot about it. So this was a pretty pleasant surprise.

I can't wait to test the Glossier set because my most favourite blogger Tamira Jarrell always praises the skincare serums so much. But first bought, first served. So OHUI it is for now. I put the whole glossier box in the bottom drawer of my closet so I won't get tempted to try it right away. And how cute is the packaging ? Because there are not a lot of online shopping options in Vietnam, I sometimes forget how much nice packaging can brighten up your mood.


I haven't owned a proper pair of sunglasses since I was a teenager. 
All others that I bought, but never wore, since then were 5$ Ray Ban lookalikes.

If you are a shy and timid shopper like me, you might know this awkward feeling of going into a sunglass store, determined to buy a pair of proper sunglasses but then... a shop assistant approaches and wants to assist you, and all you think is 'hell no, leave me alone'. Well I'm that kind of person. I don't want any shop assistant to assist me. I don't even want them to look at me, because that makes me feel awkward to try sunglasses on. Don't ask me why, I'm simply that kind of person. That led me to not owning a proper pair of UV protecting sunglasses since I was.... 14? Back then I had a pair of Armani glasses that my mom bought for me, but looking back, they looked really shit on me. 

Living in South Vietnam with the sun shining extremely almost every day of the year, I have been thinking that I should invest in a pair of proper sunglasses to protect my eyes for a while. I also wanted them to be classy, so I can wear them everyday, and to be of good quality. Sounds easier than said, even now I don't know where to buy sunglasses here (except the cheap Ray Ban lookalikes), and I definitely didn't know what style suited me, so I didn't want to buy anything online. Sooo, then I was in Seoul at Incheon airport, and whenever I'm at an airport, I feel like I need to buy something, just because of the term 'tax free' you know haha. (Yeah I'm that kind of person who easily gets lurked by words like 1+1 of up to 70% off haha)

I went into this sunglasses store with an amazing Gentlemonster section (their store display is always so amazing and creative), and first thing I did was walking in, acting all confident, but secretly checking out whether any sales would approach me. Luckily all the guys in there didn't seem very interested. I tried on a couple sunglasses and decided on the illusion 01, because they reminded me of the big black framed sunglasses Audrey Hepburn wore in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. And I really love Audrey Hepburn and that movie. The sunglasses came in a black box, black bag, and allblackeverything (maybe you have seen it in my latest haul video). These glasses were just like made for me. (I mean, #allblack brand identity???)

Audrey's sunglasses worn in Breakfast at Tiffany's were from the iconic brand Oliver Goldsmith. You can still buy them  here .

Audrey's sunglasses worn in Breakfast at Tiffany's were from the iconic brand Oliver Goldsmith. You can still buy them here.


So after I uploaded my Haul video, a lot o people in Vietnam asked me where to buy the Gentlemonster sunglasses, and I honestly had no answer to this question so I did some research for you guys. You can buy them through their official online shop for 215$, OR ask someone to bring them back to you from Korea, which will be the cheapest option. Retailing at about 180$ and 166$ in tax free area, you will be off cheapest. Oddly, when I googled my pair sunglasses, there were no top international retailers among the searching results and I gave up after page 2. In Vietnam, there are some people in Hanoi who sell the real ones (remember, the packaging is all black!!!), but they sell them at US retail price. An average of 4mil. (They probably import them from Korea and make little profit from the price difference). Anyway, I'm really pleased with the quality of the product (Zeiss glasses, robust plastic), and I do get my 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' every time I put them on. Major love !