SECRET HOUSE - Vietnamese Homestyle Cooking

A hidden gem, and the best, it's close to Floralpunk ! 

secret house le thi hong gam
secret house district 1

When it comes to 'an com', eating Vietnamese homestyle cooking, my personal absolute favourite in Saigon is Mountain Retreat. Which apparently belongs to the same group as Secret House and Secret Garden, along with some other concepts. The only thing about Mountain Retreat is, it's on the 5th floor of a building on Le Lai street with no elevator, and that street is under construction so there is always a bit of traffic jam on the way there. I go there if I want to treat myself. For normal occasions I go to Quan Bui, but what I don't like about Quan Bui is that all it's dishes are huge and hence very highly priced. Scrolling through food instagrammers I recently came across Secret House, which is rather new, and it is like right around the corner from Floralpunk, which is more than convenient. The food is gooood (not as good as Mountain Retreat, it's the best), and the menu is similar to the other places. They also have breakfast for 45K which is great for me, because I have been struggling to find a good breakfast place close to my shop.