I was invited to the launching event of the Petite Ashfield by Daniel Wellington yesterday and they took us to the top of Saigon. I totally forgot how gorgeous this city actually is. I loved the new pieces so much, I decided to stock them for Floralpunk again. DW did a little rebranding and looks much more contemporary and cool, but still classy, to me now. I totally love it ! 


With christmas coming up and the question what to give to your beloved ones, that is still affordable but still shows value, a watch is always a perfect gift I think. Daniel Wellington is the perfect everyday watch, bought and worn by so many people all over the world with its own signature look. Even with the new mash strap, it still looks super DW, a brand I admire because they totally made it ! 

Photos by me
Location: Glow Sky Bar, HCMC


EVENT: OHUI Cell Power Number 1 Essence

Everytime L'Officiel invites me to an event, the dresscode happens to be #allwhite.

... and of course I can not always quite stick to it. It starts with the lack of white bottom parts and white shoes. The only pair of white shoes I own are Vans, and they are not so white anymore haha. I saw a really nice pair of Adidas at the Bitexco store yesterday, but they didn't have my size. I'm also currently having my eyes on a pair of Filling Pieces, all white leather. But it's a big investment on shoes that I will certainly 'unwhite' in a blink of an eye, so until then, I can never quite stick to these #allwhite dresscodes. I also went to Vincom today and saw a gorgeous white bag (12tr), which is very similar to my MCM one, but a different kind of material, a little bigger and it's white. It looks really really gorgeous though. With that one in my wardrobe I will get one step close to #allwhiteeverything, just in case I need to go to L'Officiel events haha. 

Just kidding, noone would kill me if I were to wear another colour : ) I just wanted to sum some things up. A, I'm probably going to buy a new bag, B, I went to this OHUI event today, to which L'Officiel invited me. It was held at the ballroom of the beautiful Hotel des Arts (love this place!), and besides afternoon tea and sweet treats, we were introduced to this beauty essential: The OHUI Cell Power Number 1 Essence (seriously, who comes up with these product names, and why are they always so long). Of course we received samples, of course they told us that this product is amazing, and of course it was very convincing, so I'm already sitting here with my face soaked in this essence. I mean, the marketing woman from LG told us that we should give it a try, and use only this product for a couple days to feel the difference, so I'm happily doing as told. The more I can reduce my skincare routine, the better. (The Koreans are crazy, 8- or 10-step skincare, who does that haha?)


I'll keep you updated of the results of this new essence. It sounds promising, but don't all beauty products ? The beauty industry is so damn good at branding and marketing products haha.

Moroccan Oil Smooth Series Launch


Ok first of all, I never go to District 2. Never. Unless I really have to. Unless I really like someone or something. District 2 is really far away to me, even though it's not even that far, but to me it is. So when I was invited to the Moroccan Oil Vietnam event at Villa Song in district 2, I only went because I really really love Moroccan Oil. That told in advance. I first used the oil for my dry hair three years ago. Everyone really hyped it on Youtube, so of course, consumer as I am, I had to test it. And I was never disappointed. The oil really did make my hair feel really smoother and softer and made it look healthier after a while ! But that was when I was still in Germany and still bothered to blow-dry my hair. 

I usually never stay updated with beauty products or in fact anything, not even music, so I never knew Moroccan Oil had shampoo or other hair care products, except for the oil. So when I saw that there will be a shampoo and conditioner as well in the Smooth Series, I was excited ! Smooth hair without blow-drying, sounds pretty much like heaven. To me personally it's to hot to blow-dry and then style my hair in Vietnam, I just want them to look healthy and nice. And that's the result that this product series promises. To smoothen out the strands of hair to be able to achieve an overall healthier look for your hair. Smooth doesn't necessarily mean straight, you know.

The presentation of the products was so much fun, like seriously, the brand ambassador was absolutely hilarious, and it was really compact, short and informative. I cannot read everything in the brochures because it's in Vietnamese but the brand ambassador explained everything in English, so that was good enough. And guess what, everyone got a goodie bag will full-size products !!! We got a shampoo, conditioner, treatment and a hair lotion and I didn't get to try them yet, because I wash my hair only every second day, but my boyfriend did last night and this monring his hair still smelled so nice and fresh ! 


Chi Truc (l.) & chi Nhan

Chi Truc (l.) & chi Nhan

Many thanks for Moroccan Oil Vietnam for having me, I hope I will be able to make a review about the products soon. By the way if you want to purchase the original product in Vietnam, I suggest contacting Moroccan Oil Vietnam through Facebook and they will suggest you the best option for you to buy whatever product you are interested in ! 

Pop Up Sale Weekend



Fuck this is a busy-as-fuck week. Upcoming this weekend: two Pop Up Sales ! One in Hanoi and one at Heverly store in Saigon ! This is no big announcement, but if you can, tell your friends about it : D. I need every support I can get ! 

The Pop Up Sale will be held at 21st Urban, 14 Ngo Phan Chu Trinh, Hoang Kiem, Hanoi / Saturday & Sunday 10am to 7:30pm. 

I will probably be going around with chi Nhan and our friends though. Fooding and coffee-ing. I'll probably be there in the morning then leave around lunch time ? Don't know yet, anyway I'm super much excited for Hanoi !

The Saigon Pop Up Sale will be at Heverly's store on the same days together with Fomo.em, Paper Plane, Heverly and another shop making phone cases. There will be products up to 50% off ! So no matter where you are don't forget to stop by : ))