#JJSTUFF: Ball Pit

I’m overly ambitious with my blog right now so I will additionally share some JJ things in here haha. I personally find it hard to find and buy things in Vietnam and I’m sure there are other people who feel the same so I want to do more to to help others.


We got this Ball Pit a while ago from Park & Lam. It’s a Facebook shop from Hanoi run by a Vietnamese-Korean couple and I was soo surprised because the pit also had JJ stitched on it. Like so so cute ! I discovered Park & Lam after I already bought everything for JJ, otherwise I could have gotten everything from there. I even bothered to fly all the way to Seoul to get one of those UV bottler sterilizers because I like those better than the usual steam ones. At Park & Lam, they even have stock, so I could have saved myself so much money and effort haha. Everything they sell is imported from Korea and for now I just wish they’d have a shop on Shoppee or Lazada. I’m not a fan of ordering and browsing on Facebook to be honest. But if you don’t mind, check out their Facebook here.

I think the biggest question for any mom would be, do I need this ? No you don’t. That for sure. But it’s so nice to have. JJ still plays in it and with it every day. She is standing now so she uses it to pull herself up, to throw balls for Juju to catch and sometimes she just lays in there chilling. It takes up quite some space but luckily our new living room is big enough. It is fun to have and I think kids enjoy ball pits until they are much older. I still loved them when I was like 6 or so. Thanks again so much to the Park & Lam team for sending this over. I was so surprised because I didn’t know that they know JJ and me haha.

Floralpunk Christmas

My black and white christmas thing.

When I first started thinking about a concept for Floralpunk christmas this year, I really really really wanted to involve colours. But I was simply not capable haha. So the whole concept ended up black and white again. Our ribbon is similar to Net-a-Porter's (lower quality obviously), because that't the only nice one that is not all black that I could find. Only a couple days until christmas but still so many photos to post and edit. 

Little efforts

Ok my sleeping problems have escalated....  


I have never been an early-sleeper, but lately my sleeping habits and my bedtime routine are getting very unhealthy. I go to bed with work on my mind and the first thing I do when I wake up is checking my phone and getting stressed out over work again. My whole life is just work and work right now, and yes I know that’s not good but even worse when you’re pregnant. I really have to start to accept the fact that it’s ok if christmas is not going to be as picture-perfect as I hope it will be. And I should also be less of a control-freak and just let the girls do. I have overly high expectations for christmas sales, and if sales is bad, it’s a reflection of my work, or that’s how I feel : ( like I didn’t try hard enough. Because I know all our bugs and what can still be improved, so of course I want to fix them. But yeah, not good. Take time for JJ and Juju ! Take time to get prepared for parenthood ! How about finish setting up the apartment first before doing everything for Floralpunk haha. 

I will charge my phone on the other side of the bed from now on and after I wake up, I will go through my morning routine of brushing my teeth, taking Juju out, a cup of tea and getting ready before I check my phone ! Weird how breakfast is not even part of my morning routine. I should have breakfast. And now I should sleep.