BERLIN DAY 2: I announced my pregnancy !

Wow you can consider this blogging regularly already : )))

Hat - Zara Man / Shirt + Hoodie - Weekday (new) / Necklace - H&M / Earrings & Bag - Floralpunk

Wow I woke up at 9am this morning and I felt amazing. I got up really slowly, had breakfast, started doing some work until my dad came home and we had a brainstorming session about a new business idea, then I suggested going to town to check out some new restaurants. I'm the kind of person, if I buy something new that I like, I will wear it permanently for a while. I bought this super oversized shirt and hoodie at Weekday yesterday, and actually the shirt is so comfy I bought two more today. I mixed everything with my usual basics and paired it with my new love: a bag from Floralpunk's upcoming new arrivals. This bag is a piece that would make anyyy outfit less boring !

After my shopping spree around Friedrichstrasse (I bought my first pregnancy dress at Zara's Sale lol), I went to visit my friend Helyyyyy. Some people think she's my sister because same family name and all but no, not blood-related haha. She recently opened a lash salon and I'm so proud of her for that ! It really does look so nice !

Reinhardtstr. 29, Berlin
Instagram: @helys.lab

I picked her up from work and while I was there, my boyfriend sent me the link to this Kenh14 article and I was so shocked. I actually announced my pregnancy on Instagram today and I just didn't think to receive that many reactions. I'm so thankful to everyone who congratulated me and my boyfriend, and I still can't believe Kenh14 did an article about us haha. It wasn't like hottest news of the days, obviously, because Song Hye Kyo is getting married to that hot guy from that drama they starred in together, but still, it was a great surprise to us. I guess now all I'll keep you guys updated about is my pregnancy and all the things I'll have to buy for the pregnancy and the baby. Honestly speaking I had worries about making my pregnancy public not because of reactions but more because of the fear, what if something goes wrong. But now it's too late anyway, even my ex bf's sister knows about it : ))) Anyway, thanks again so much to everyone who is happy for me, because don't worry, I'm happy tooooo : D