New personal favourite in D2 ! 



Except that they don't have aircon inside. Or at least the aircon is very weak. So if you are not a heat-enjoying expat like me, go at 8am ! Otherwise it gets hot. But let's get to the serious matter here. The food. Brunch is 385K per person, minimum 2 people, including one fresh orange juice and one coffee of choice. That is a real good deal. The bread is homemade, food is plenty, actually even enough for three people. Order some more side dishes, and you will leave stuffed ! Seriously, I've had a lot of shitty brunches before, this one is really good ! Overcome your laziness and go to Thao Dien on a weekend trip, you won't regret it. They serve until 2pm, but we arrived at 3pm and after kindly asking the waiter, who asked the kitchen, we still got brunch at 3 ! So luckyyy. 

Here's a full list of everything we had:

  1. Brunch set for 2 comes with 2 fresh orange juices and 2 coffees (we had latte), so 4 drinks (I didn't like the egg potatoe chorizo thing so much though, I felt like there was something missing)
  2. A Mad Burger with fat chips (I like skinny fries) and a Choco Bomb (Chocolate Banana Shake)
  3. Potato Leek Soup (LOVE this one, and it's enough to share, really)
  4. Creamy Mushrooms (were niceeeeee) 
  5. Garden salad which came with very little dressing which was kind of odd but I already was in a food coma before I could ask for dressing

So yeah, give MAD house a try. I know it is popular among expats and in the Thao Dien area, but I never tried it because I had less good experience with MAD house in district 7. But apparently they are not run by the same people (read it in a FB group). Next brunch place I will try is Hotel des Arts ! I saw very promising impressions on Instagram today haha.