Ok let's get the Seoul blog series started ! 
Location: Northern Palace (Gyeongbokgung Station, Exit 5)
Photos: Dong Hoai Nam

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julia doan fashion blogger black outfit


Jewelry & Bag - Floralpunk / Top & Pants - DDM Wholesale Market / Hat - Zara / Shoes - Vans / Bandana - borrowed

What you guys probably don't know, my pants were actually open. I bought them in size M and my belly was too big to zip them up. But because the top was wide, I just hid it and walked around with open pants all day : ))) I bought top and pants at the Dongdaemeun Wholesale market, because I already ran out of clothes after day 3 or so. The bag and jewelry are from Floralpunk and the bandana belongs to le boyfriend. The hat is still from Zara Mans. But I'm trying to make one for Floralpunk right now so stay tuned for that ! I still have tons of photos to edit from Seoul. I really wanna do something cool, layout-wise, but I guess I don't have the skillz, so I will stick to my usual blogging style haha. 

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Photos: Dong Hoai Nam & me

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Located just a few minutes walk from Hongik University Station, 9 Brick hotel is a beautiful and calm oasis in the middle of the buzz. 

This is the first time that I actually stayed at a proper hotel in Seoul. Usually I travel by myself and stay in the Dongdaemeun area at a hostel/guest house (either Vanilla or Beige). This time, with cost divided by two I wanted to treat myself to something really nice-looking, so I picked this hotel. I loved everything about the room, from the bathroom to the water kettle. Service was truly so so though, and Hongdae is a busy location, but not really my age group any longer. My favourite areas Itaewon and Gangnam took a long trip across town every day. The good thing about this hotel though, there is always something to eat around at any hour of the day with this part of Hongdae being a student party hot spot.

I'm currently looking for bathroom inspirations on Pinterest pretty much every day, because I figured out that if I want to have the home of my dreams in Vietnam, I have to do things myself. So far I have not encountered one interior designer whose work I like. I look at tiles and glas, all kinds of materials, irons, woods and this bathroom has been so inspiring. I forgot to take photos of the shower cabin, but it had this beautiful glas door I fell in love with ! These days, I look at interior things so much, I might change my profession soon haha.

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shot by Sonya Hong

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Clothes - Floralpunk / Hat - Zara / Bag - Gucci / Accessories - Floralpunk

I was clearing out my memory cards and found that I still had a bunch of outfit photos from Seoul that I haven't posted before so I'll post them step by step. I've always been a rather bad outfit blogger because on most days I'm lazy and don't even apply make up, and then on some days I do dress up and have nobody to take my photos, so I'm a little lacking in that field. Anyway, I really love this top, because I feel like it gives an outfit a nice detail.


Sometimes things really just happen in life.



Like me attending Seoul Fashion Week this season. Through my friend Chi who lives here in Seoul I met a new friend called Truong and through him I got to know that Chau and Thang (Decao) are in Seoul, and some other people. He got me some tickets and suddenly I'm in the middle of this mess haha. If you really live for the exciting moments in life, Fashion Weeks & parties are totally what you need in your life. That adrenaline you feel when you either get shot or are going around shooting. I recently bought a new camera & lens so I bought it with me and I just couldn't stop snapping people haha. These are just some of the 1150 photos I took. I couldn't put them on my Macbook because it took too long, so I uploaded the photos I edited with VSCO. Follow my Seoul Fashion Week album on Facebook or my Instagram for updatessss. I must indeed admit that it's fun ! But I have so much work back home, can't forget about that.