The day I was offline for two hours.

How internet might be influencing me in a bad way? Posts that start like this are meant to be full blog entries, but somehow everything ends up on social media these days. Nvm. Both my phones were out of battery tonight. For more than two hours. I used my (new, im now broke) iPhone 6+ until the bitter end. I scrolled FB and Instagram, even though there was nothing new or significant, until the very end. And then it went black. The person that Iam, i can't sit around and do nothing. I tried watching TV. But I don't really enjoy zapping from one shit tv show to another too much so I started to look for offline things to do. With no source of internet as distraction, I dedicated myself fully to the tasks named afterwards, without stopping in the middle even once just to check a new message or FB update. That doesn't happen often, I easily get distracted by social media. I started with cleaning my pair of dirty Huarache. And because I had nothing else to do I cleaned two other pair of shoes. Then I ate all in peace, actually focusing on what I ate (usually I'm on my phone even then), took a shower, changed the bed sheets, cleaned my room, sorted out clothes, rearranged things in the shelf, sorted out all my bags and wallet and I wrote myto-do list for tomorrow morning. Within just two hours I felt like I did so many things ! Then my friend came home with the charger and as soon as my phone went on again, I justtttt wanted to check my messages a lil bit, and without realizing it 1 hour passed by with me browsing Facebook and Instagram. Great. I basically wasted 1 hour doing nothing thanks to my social media addiction. This really upsets me thinking about all the useful and productive things I could do in the same time that I spend on social media doing not really anything : ( it's also a big distraction for me when I work and everything that I do. It's definitely not good for me, while other people can think about excessive use of social media however way they want, for me it is really non-productive. I wouldn't go so far as to call it addiction, as I don't feel side effects when I'm being forced to live without it, but the temptation is always existent and access way too easy with two phones, one iPad and one Macbook. Sometimes I go as far as grabbing my friends phone and go through their Facebook for... Nothing. Anyway this day opened my eyes to so many things. Of course in my subconscience I already knew that I use my phone too much and that it's bad for me, but after having actually experienced this time without internet tonight, I actually became aware of my knowledge and I definitely want to change my own lifestyle for my own good. (Sidestory: Even when I went to Buon Me Thuot, I spend like every second possible on my phone and had to credit my phone with 200K twice in three and a half days because I ran out og 3G. Ok that's sick. I'm officially sick of myself.)