After the day I got my iPhone 6+ robbed

You think your life is shit already and everything is going wrong already, and then life throws a stone into your face and everything just becomes much worse. I don't even understand how so many bad things can happen to me at the same time, I'm seriously pissed now. Things that don't even lay in my hands. I'M SO ANNOYED BY LIFE RIGHT NOW. Ever since I have come back to Vietnam I haven't had one single week without new problems coming up, whether personal or professional. There are problems all the time and I'm just so tired !!!! WHO THE FUCK TOOK MY IPHONE 6PLUS ?! WHO THE FUCK STOLE 3.5 MIL FROM ME ?! Those motherfuckers, do you know how much energy and effort I have to put in to make money and work ? I'm so tired seriously, I'm so tired of my life here and just everything. Everything is starting to get annoying to me. The fact that you have to go around all the time, that everything is so messy and not clearly structured, and that there are people roaming around stealing other people's iPhones !!!! I'm so pissed still, seriously. I just got it from my mom and haven't even given her the money yet. And of course it's partly my fault because I took my phone out on the street. I also know there's no point in complaining about it so much now, but damn I'm not making enough money yet to just buy a new iPhone ?! And I just repaired my iPhone 5's screen and it's fucking shit as well - again. And what I get is, 'yeah second screens are always shit here.' WTF ? Why don't you tell me earlier ? I would have preferred to live with my fucked up screen, but at least I can type properly ? I don't even wanna start talking about all the Floralpunk problems here. Too many to name. I really can't wait to go back to Germany and relax for a while. Seriously. Sometimes I really wonder, was this the right decision ? It's so hard to stay positive when so many negative things happen around you. Man.