Petty in Floralpunk Jumpsuit

Petty Tran for Floralpunk
Oh bittersweet dilemma. Like in every job, you have to be able to separate your personal preferences from what is best for your work. I always get stuck in this situation when editing photos. I like too many different styles, and sometimes when I take pictures for Floralpunk I edit the pictures according to my personal preferences, even though I should not, because Floralpunk already has a very strong and clear image. And I'm really strict on myself when it comes to FP images. I expect things to look the way I want it to be, and FP is actually the result of what I love and not what Iam. I'm a messy person, I love fade and grain and moody pictures. FP is supposed to be minimal, clean, clear and strong. I'm super glad that I have a social media assistant who visualizes that concept really well, but in the end I still take photos for Floralpunk myself, and sometimes I just don't know what to do. Fuck, it's been a rough day and I'm tired. I want something like '& other stories'. Like they always work with different people and artist but are able to keep everything in their range of style. I still have to learn a lot I guess and pick the right collaborators. I need a photographer !!! & a graphic designer too : (