Social Media Killing Blogs

Is it the end of the blog era ? I feel like social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are slowly but certainly taking over the coverage of my life. Because it simply is too convenient ! From taking photos, to editing to uploading. Everything is so much more convenient. Let's say you take photos for your blog. You have to carry around a DSRL, transfer the photos to your computer, than edit the photos, resize them, then upload to you blog, and then you use the same photos to share on your social media channels so that people know that you just uploaded a blog entry. It's super much work. And I ask myself... for what ? I blog because I want to keep my memories in one place, and it's one of my few possibilities to express myself. But I could also do that on Facebook. Instead of creating a new blog entry every single time, I could just create a new photo album, like I create a new blog entry for every event on Facebook. It also keeps my memories and photos in one space, and it takes much much less time. But something inside of me is against it. I dont know. The reason why I keep blogging, whether people or read it or not, is the level of content that the end result gives me. Seeing a finished blog entry on my own website makes me feel more content than seeing the likes on my Facebook. On blogs there are no likes. No immediate reaction to your photos and texts. You have to do it for yourself in the first place. But I don't want to abandon my Facebook and Instagram either. Did you know that I rarely post the same photo on my Instagram, Facebook and blog's Facebook ? I always try to create individual content for each. Which makes things harder. I have too many things going on. Let's say I'm at a really cool restaurant to make a review. I will have to film for my youtube channel, take photos with dslr for the blog and then take photo with iPhone for Instagram & Facebook. Damnnnn, too much work. I'm 23 this year. I should start to set my priorities. There are still too many things that I want and sometimes it just overwhelms me. Sighhhhh.