There are always about a million excuses for blogging, but the truth is, it's always just sheer laziness. And maybe I simply have too many platforms to share my stuff on ? I have Facebook, juliadoan.com's Facebook, two personal Instagram accounts, two personal tumblr blogs and twitter. And everything is more convenient than blogging, I swear. Maybe because I changed back to blogspot and blogspot doesn't even have an app for blogging. Or not a very good one. Just now I also realized that I'm sooo fickle with my blog layout. I really liked it before and now I don't like it anymore, wtf is wrong with me haha. So I think my blog has to undergo some changes again. Or maybe I should switch to wordpress after all ? I dont know : ( so so so fickle.

I've been back home in Germany for almost two weeks after three months in Vietnam and everything really feels absolutely the same. It's like nothing ever changes and I love that. It gives you a feeling of security, like everything is going to be alright and everything is going to stay the same, no matter what happens. Unfortunately this feeling sometimes prevents me from developing quicker. Being at home is being in your comfort zone, so you don't feel the urge to push yourself as hard, because no matter what, you still have a bed to return to. In Vietnam I always feel like I'm fighting for my existence, because so many people do the same thing, and people copy you so fast, so you have to be smarter, wiser and quicker in order to make it. Pretty tiresome and demanding but also challenging, which is good for me, the natural procrastinator.

I have a lot of photos and entries to post so I better get started nowww. Had a couple shootings in Vietnam : D I also bought a new lens two days ago in the middle of the night. I'm always too lazy to carry around a large lens, and actually I really want to the 35mm lens but I got a 40mm one instead. Pancake lens, oh so cute !