JD x Kenji Youjutsu

photos by Khoi Ho
Hey kids, do you already know that Madox finally started doing his blog last week ? Check it out here: kenjiyoujutsu.com ! For that occasion we decided to do a quick shooting together, and I love the photos that Khoi took. He's kind of our personal blog photographer now haha. He also shoots Vu Thien of Bloody Roses, and is the owner of a shop called 'The Dead Bird'. We loveeee him, and he totally grasps our personal style and attitude. He is also one of my sources of inspiration for a new project I'm planning, but yeah, nothing I can announce yet.

I wore a Rue des Chats dress and Kelbin Lei House bomber jacket, and my Roshe Run. Earrings are from Floralpunk of course. I was going to wear heels, but I lost them in the cab : (( YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW SAD IAM. My most perfect pair of heels, and now they are gone ! They were so comfortable and pretty. I'm super super super sad. Seriously. More detailed photos of my outfit and behind the scenes photos will be posted tonight !