Wephobia - Guest Pick

everything WEPHOBIA except for the sneakers (Nike ID) and the accessories (Floralpunk of course)

Hey kids, here some photos that I've been wanting to post for a while. They were taken a month or so ago during our pop-up sale in Hanoi. We held the pop-up sale at Wephobia, our Hanoian partner in crime, and Daisy and Minh Anh asked me whether I want to choose two outfits for their Facebook 'Guest Picks' series. Of courseeee, because I love Wephobia ! But actually the pants were a little tight on me (size S and I'm M), and it was really hot outside. I was also hungover and didn't have any make-up on. But yeah, here the results. Make sure you check them out when you are in Hanoi and to come by their pop-up sale at Floralpunk in Saigon, end of this month.

Just got home from Elle Fashion Show. Exhausted as fuck. Will blog about it tomorrow cos I have a lot to say but for now, cheeeers.