The New Anthropology by ODDDS
Absolutely beautiful and stunning right ? ODDDS, two girls, Sarah & Reinold, were the ones who did Floralpunk's rebranding, and believe me, they are absolutely brilliant. This is their own new rebranding, and I still can't grasp how anyone can create something so amazing. Even now, everytime that I look at Floralpunk's rebranding PDF file I'm amazed and glad that I got to work with these two girls. I wrote down my ideas and inspirations once and they created a branding and logo for Floralpunk that I fell in love with the minute I saw it.

Being in Vietnam right now and with limited budget it's just a little bit hard to keep up the standard, because I can't find a graphic designer who can understand the minimalism, clarity and fragility behind Floralpunk.

Anyway, check out their website and projects, their work is so cool. I will always be a fan ! I hope I get to work with them again : )