Thanksgiving dinner at L'usine

L'usine - 151/1 Dong Khoi Street - 1st Floor - District 1 - HCMC 
Hey kids, I've never celebrated Thanksgiving in my life before. I know what it is about because we learned about it at school, and I saw it in TV shows and stuff, but because it's not really a big thing in Germany, last Thursday I had my first Thanksgiving dinner ever. And it was sooooo good. The best dinner I've had in two months, no kidding. Veronica, who is retail manager at L'usine invited Madox, me and my boyfriend and even now I still remember the taste of that mashed potatoes. The food at L'usine is really nice in general already, but this dinner was really super super good. The setting was beautiful too, and it was nice to just sit together, meeting new people, sharing delicious food and drinking wine.