Saigon Sum Up

Hey kids. I've been back for about three weeks and here are some impressions. Been doing lots of stuff. The actual situation looks like this: The interior of the shop is done, me and the marketing team are working hard towards the opening event next Thursday, to which I invited a lot of friends, customers and family. I spend a lot of money on taxi and xe om every day and it pisses me off. In Germany you have public transportation and pay a specific amount each month and can drive around even if you are broke. If I'm completely broke in Vietnam that means not being able to go anywhere unless someone picks me up. Cooking here is a bit of a problem for me too. The ingredients are so different and I don't know what to do with most of the vegetable here. Actually I should go to the market every now and then for a bigger choice but I'm so lazy. That's why I always go to the supermarket downstairs. I've been by myself the past couple days or weeks cos Madox went back to Germany to sort stuff out. I do lash extensions every now and then but it pisses me off when people don't bother to read but ask annoying questions instead, that I try to answer the best I can, and then they don't even make an appointment. I'm broke as fuck. Like seriously and properly. And stressed. So so fucking stressed. Luckily I have my marketing girls to take some work away from me. Besides Floralpunk I try to build up a solid lash customer base and to blog regularly as well. Oh why. So tired. Cheers kids.