Photos by Phuoc Van Nguyen

I have to admit I slacked off a lot in the past days. I've been feeling out of energy and simply exhausted and only did the most necessary things. So when I looked back at what I did at the end of the day I was disappointed and annoyed by myself. That made me feel even more stressed the next day because the work load of Floralpunk and my other projects kept growing. When I couldn't bear it anymore, i grabbed a bottle and simply drank. A full bottle of Jaeger among two people. I was dead the next day. So that was probably the worst solution. I felt lost and worn out. My depressions came back. And I couldn't manage to light up that spark inside of me again until today. Last night when I recapped all the Elle Fashion Show moments it made me realize that I do want to achieve something in life and that I do want to make myself proud. Everything i'm doing is for noone else but myself. All my efforts for the mere fact that I don't want to get back to be the person that I hate so much. I promised to myself that I will become the person that I want to be, and in order to do that, I can only work hard.