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I'm actually not a person who easily gets homesick or misses other people. I can stay away from home for months without actually missing anything or anyone. I'm not someone who is attached to anyone but the person that I love. But right now, that I have to face a lot of trouble and stress I do start to miss the known. My bed, my shoes, my clothes and my monkey. There's a lack of security that makes me long for what I love.

Living in Saigon comes with a heavy price tag for me. If you think it's cheap to be here, I will have to prove you wrong. Without a bike and the fear to actually drive it's really expensive to get around. In Germany I can use public transportation and even get around when I don't have any money in my pocket because I'd have a public transportation pass. Here if you are broke, you are fucked. Like properly. Can't take a cab, can't take xe om, and don't even think about walking. I spend around 300K on taxi and xe om each day. That's like 300 Euro a month on transportation cost if I go out every day. And I kind of have to go out every day. And if I go out I go out to meet people for lunch, coffee, dinner or a drink. Expenses that can vary a lot. And add up to my transportation cost. In Berlin I would stay home and eat home a lot, and work a lot at the same time. That made me able to save money and spend it something bigger. Here I work and just from day to day. Which is really not my style at all. Actually I hate it. I hate it so much. So I need to work harder and figure out a new way how to make more money and save more money !