Floralpunk Opening Event

Finallyyyyy ! The days up to the event were so stressful, but we made it ! Thanks everyone who came, everyone who supported and helped us. I would have never believed that within a year and a half I would open our first physical store with Floralpunk !

For your information, my friend Madox is also co-owner of Floralpunk. In Februrary I decided that I could not run Floralpunk as a business by myself, and started cooperating with him, because he has a lot of experience in retail. He has been store manager for two MAC counters for two and a half years and now also works at a real estate company in part-time. People don't seem to have realized that, and I just want to let you guys know that we are both in this together.

I'm sitting at the store right now and it still feels surreal. Floralpunk's whole concept is a product of my imagination, and I'm so happy that it turned out quite well. So many friends came and everyone loved the store and our products. Sigh I'm super sleepy right now. Actually I just want to tell everyone that I'm really grateful. Love you all x