Elle Fashion Show S/S'15

Went to Elle Fashion Show with chi Nhan last night and met Madox there. It was held at Gem Center, which is a really really beautiful convention center ! I usually don't really like wood a lot, and even though there is a lot of wood, I still loved the interior. They have a gorgeous cafe downstairs and the staff seemed super nice and friendly. 

The third collection by Lam Gia Khang was a total blessing! Floralpunk lent earrings to him, but I was so busy, I didn't even get to check out his designs before I saw them on the runway for the first time. And I was astonished when the models came out in these perfectly elegant, feminine and classy dresses and outfits. With Floralpunk earrings on as well, it was a one-of-a-kind feeling. I really really really loved his collection so much ! One day I want to be the kind of woman who is able to look good in such dresses. For now I don't really see myself in it, but maybe in five years or so. You can purchase all products from Elle Fashion Show on Zalora btw. Just click here

Madox and me left after the first three collections and I didn't get to see Rue Des Chats but I already knew that it would be my most favourite collection. Because Rue Des Chats never disappoints ! 
We met a lot of people on our way out and in, and I really loved the two kids in the last photo. Looking so cool. I just had to snap them. All in all it was really fun.

Here some backstage photos taken by Phuoc Van Nguyen. I love them, so I have to post them ! The little moments and expressions that he caught, simply stunning. I bet it was super busy backstage, but looking at his photos I really feel that world stood still and all was beautiful.