floralpunk, countdown design

OH MY GOD. Only two days until our opening and there are still a lot of things that bother me and aren't as nicely done as they should have been. I'm stuck between freaking out and passing out. I'm so stressed and have such bad stomach aches, I should definitely go for a check up.

The store's furniture is done, and now I have to decorate everything until Thursday evening. The major problem is that I don't know where to buy what and most products need to be produced because you can't simply go to Ikea or any other furniture store here and buy stuff. In Vietnam there are still a lot of specialized shops. One shop sells only chairs and one sells only lamps for example. So if you want to furnish your home you have to check out a lot of different places or go to one of the shit places that actually do sell everything.

Another problem are stocks. We don't have enough stocks right now and it's pissing me off and freaking me out. We invested so much money into actually moving to Vietnam that we don't have much left to order new products and all. Ah i just need to be patient and work as hard as I can, so I can offer Floralpunk customers the products that I have in mind.