Hey kids, my blog is back. For years I've been trying to create a high quality content blog, but I simply lack the ambition to do so. It requires a lot of work and time, and I'm lazy and don't have time. I wanted to make this blog a visual space, but over the past days I've grown more and more jealous of my best friend Yi's tumblr ! Because she captures all her random memories there, and I just let mine flow out of my life, eventually forgetting about them. So once more I decided to make this space a little more diary-like and personal.

Let's start with the current hot topic of my life: restart. I've turned back to my old habits and patterns (procrastination, drinking, ham choi, wasting money, lazy), and I don't like it at all ! So I decided tomorrow will be the first day back on track after a long time. Clean eating, gym, to-do lists, no procrastination, alcohol ban, sleeping early so I can wake up early, studying and drinking 3l of water a day. Join me on my not so exciting journey of wanting to become a better me !

I was so encouraged last time I came back from Vietnam right ? Bragged how I lost 8kg and shit. Well guess what. I don't even dare stepping on the scale these days. I measure in belly fat, and I know my belly fat is preventing myself into fitting those damn sz 36 jeans, so that's no good sign. So whoever has the wrong impression of me being skinny or something, I'm not. I'm not fat either but I got my chub here and there. And if anyone hates on me because they think i have everything and bla bla bla, no, my life is just as shit as yours. I gain weight, I try to lose weight. I earn money, I spend it on Jäger shots and wonder where it has gone the next morning. I try to force myself to study and end up browsing Pinterest for two hours. I'm just a super hardcore average girl in western society. Who happens to run an online shop and forces herself to get that shit done at least. But all the other aspects of my life are probably just like yours. I drink too much, my skin gets shit (in good-skin-people language that means a few small pimples, but they are enough to make me freak out).

What I'm trying to say, I will share personal aspects of my life out of my perspective. Don't hate on me for that. If you wanna read my random stories, stay. If you don't leave. Last time I wrote personally and had an account it was so horrible that I actually decided that I don't want to get personal on my blog anymore. But actually I love writing. Always have, always will. So yeah, let's give this another try kids : D (wish I could do the peace sign emoticon thing).