Floralpunk and Life update


floralpunk, vietnamese model, floralpunk model, dieu thanh
floralpunk, vietnamese model, floralpunk model, dieu thanh

model: Dieu Thanh

Did you know that I really love to take photos ? And that I don't really like to stand in front of the camera so much, because I feel uncomfortable ? Well now you do. Photography and taking photos has always been an essential part of my life. Why do you think that I've been a blogger for such a long time. Actually my blogs are just a space for me to capture and store my visual memories. I really love this photo I took of Dieu Thanh. I'm so sad that I had to leave her behind in Germany. Now I need to find a new muse in Vietnam. It's really hard to find someone you adore and get along with so well at the same time.

How's Floralpunk doing? Shop opening is scheduled for November 5th. Everything is a little harder and more complicated than we thought. We should have applied for that German TV show 'Goodbye Deutschland'. There would have been a lot of desperate and dramatic moments. But also a lot of fun ones. I just came back from Hanoi the day before yesterday and it was the best best best best weekend ever since my birthday weekend cos it was so much fun ! Great company, fun talks, drunk moments and a lot of little things to remember. I really love Hanoi a lot, and want to go back asap, but before that I need to get Floralpunk done first. We built up a Marketing consisting of one Marketing Manager, Marketing/Social Media/PR Assistant and two interns. I love them all already. If they can take the marketing work from me, I can focus on what I really love doing: creating content. Planning and organizing shootings, sourcing new products, and stuff like that.

How am I doing ? Life is going up and down. I feel high and low. But my biggest problem is that O'm broke. I spent so much money before I went to Vietnam and I damn myself to death for it. Why did I buy that fucking Balenciaga bag ??? Sigh. Right now there's a lot of things I need since we also just moved into a new apartment, but I don't have the money to buy it. Luckily I still can do lash extensions here so I kinda get by, but it's not big money and by far not as much as I make in Germany. I really want a dark purple lipstick and regret that I didn't bring my Sephora one : (

Ok off to borrow clothes for a shooting now ! I'll write more later, cheerioooohhh.