Ohmygod I only ate salad today and it's my first day without carbs in..... months. Seriously, I love eating everything that has carbs so much, and that's the main reason why I'm... not skinny. Because if I eat dishes without bread, noodles or rice, I'll eat less, because it's not that yummy without carbs anyway. Today I did most of the things I was supposed to do, had four lash extension appointments, went to apply for my Vietnamese visa, went to gym, prepared some paper work and all I have to do now is prepare the clothes for tomorrow's shoot with Dieu Thanh ! Seriously I know it's going to be horrible because it' not well prepared and how the fuck to get the clothes to the shooting location without wrinkling them ? And it's mostly outerwear and we don't have a lot of clothes to mix them with... I'm quite sad : ( I couldn't plan a proper shoot with proper outfits because I simply didn't have the time to ! I don't want to exaggerate but I'm goddamn fucking busy these days. Because stupid me had to buy a Balenciaga bag, and now I'm broke, and have to work even more and squeeze in as many lash extension appointments as possible. FML. Seriously. And myself. Ok, a lot of fuck. Maybe you can tell that I'm mad at myself. So, most hours of my day were spent at this table today, with a lot of paperwork, and a huge bowl of salad. Proud of myself and at the same time not. Maybe I feel better after the shooting tomorrow : ( Or after my five lash appointments on Friday. Or the other two on Saturday. Or that last one on Sunday. Or maybe in the plane. But probably not, because I have to worry about Floralpunk's interior, finding an apartment, setting up everything asap, finding and producing packaging, and a whole lot of other things. Oh damn.