Frequency Festival


A little written report about this year's Frequency Festival. I went with Jasmin, a friend from school, and Yi, on Thursday. It was super exhausting but fun and cool as well. I wanted to go mostly because of Woodkid, Imagine Dragons and Rudimental, but ended up falling madly in love with The Neighbourhood. Seriously, they are way to hot to be true ! I've been listening to their music non-stop ever since haha. I'm so glad Jasmin made us go see them !

There were two main stages, the Space Stage and the Green Stage. The Space stage was a little bigger with three screens, whereas the Green Stage didn't have any screen to show what's going on on stage. Which was especially unfortunate when Snoop Dogg perfmormed ! It was so crowded, I didn't see anything at all : ( You can't take drinks in, so don't even bother bringing anything with you. Because they want you to buy the overpriced stuff inside of course. Don't wear sneakers unless you want them to get dirty. It was sunny on the day we went, and yet I managed to get mine muddy. I wasn't going to wear them, but I did, and I regretted it so much ! Be prepared to meet a lot of drunk and random people. We stayed there for ten hours and didn't even bother to take the shuttle bus to the night park. We were super exhausted and just wanted to go home. It takes only 40 minutes or so from St. Pölten to Vienna, and and at daytime it's really convenient to get there. And that's it. I didn't drink much, so it tired me out even more. I'm sure if I had been drunk or at least tipsy the time would have gone by in a blast haha. I still had fun though, and what I'm most glad about is that Yi, Jasmin and me got closer. She's such a sweet girl ! For more photos of us go to

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of mine.

And here the band I'm madly in love with right now. The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather.