Floralpunk Shooting Behind The Scenes II


Oh my kids, you can't imagine how stressful and exhausting the past two weeks has been.


has finally relaunched ! And the days before the relaunch were the mosttt busy ones I have experienced in ages ! It was so much work, but luckily my friend Yi and our model Dieu Thanh helped me out a lot throughout the last couple days, otherwise I would have never made it.

You know, a couple months ago I did decide to make my blog more commercial again, which means more related to outfit blogging again, but it's so hard for me. It requires a lot of time and ambition to have a high quality content blog. I have the ambition but unfortunately I don't have the time. Also, I love to tell about my life. I love to share tales that I have experienced, but I got too much hate because of that, so I feel a little intimidated to keep doing it. Jeez. So bothersome. I want everything and nothing. I'll just do whatever I'll do. I should stop thinking so much, it's really unproductive sometimes.