Floralpunk Pop Up Sale Vietnam & stress


Hey kids. It's 4:14am, my flight is at 9:25am, I slept only fur hours last night and three hours the night before and five the night before that night and do you have any idea how exhausted to death I am? I'm not supposed to complain, but I just feel like complaining so badly, because I'm so exhausted, it's killing me ! I work non-stop. and I mean


!!! Everything I do is for Floralpunk and it's so time consuming, besides doing lash extensions I don't get to do anything ! I'm tired. Super super tired. It better pays off, or I'll just urghhghgdwakhdj. I don't even know what. 

I'm really looking forward to Vietnam, but I'll leave a lot of undone work in the hands of my girls Yi and Dieu Thanh, and that worries me a little. I'm a control freak. I want to be in charge of everything, always, and that's what contributes to my stressful lifestyle the most. A lot of parcels need to be sent back to Munich, my room is a freaking horrible mess, samples and non-samples are all in disorder and in the middle of all this I leave for Vietnam. We also still don't even have business cards, we still don't have the packaging for the jewelry boxes, and we still don't have shipping boxes. 

But we have an amazing girl doing the graphics for us ! I love these banner that she made for the Floralpunk Pop Up Sale in Vietnam. Her name is Aivy (in my head) and you should definitely check out her work and portfolio on



Ok everyone who is in Vietnam right now, see you soon. I'll take a shower, do my hair and then maybe sleep for an hour or so until I'm off to the airport !