Casual Chic


hat, bracelets - soon on Floralpunk // top - G-Market // pants - Wephobia // heels - MMM for H&M

What other girls consider as dressing up and what I consider as dressing up usually couldn't be any more different. Other girls would probably put on a lot of make-up, wear a beautiful dress, do their hair, and all that kind of stuff. To me dressing up means simply adding more of a twist to my usual casual look. By wearing dangling earrings, heels or one of my not-so-casual tops like this asymmetrical blouse that I bought via G-Market two years ago. 

Then throw on a blazer, and you're ready for any kind of event, that requires some 'dressing up', a la Julia. 

I usually still look pretty much like always, just a little more thoughtfully dressed. That's when I secretly consider myself looking classy yet cool haha. Since I hate looking overdressed.