top - REN // pants - Wephobia // shoes - Sandro // hat - H&M

NEW BLOG NEW BLOG NEW BLOG. That's what's been going through my head the past days. I had no other choice but to do it. I hope you like this new layout. I chose Blogspot is blog host because I like blogspot. I'm really not a great fan of Wordpress actually. Too much fuzz. It took me four hours to set this up, four hours in front of my Macbook non-stop, even though I was supposed to study. Super tired now.

I want to run this blog bilingually in the future. Vietnamese and English, because most of my followers are Vietnamese, and because I feel like there is no proper Vietnamese fashion & lifestyle blog out there. I still have to redirect my domain to this page and then my new blog will be finished. Don't ask me why, I'm too exhausted to think right now.