Some behind-the scenes with the #floralpunkcrew.

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Model: Nhu Quan
Photos by me

I know in summer you're supposed to do something summer-y as in beach vibe concepts or something, but this year I simply don't feel it. I don't know whether it's because I haven't been on vacation properly or because I have a baby or stress is killing me. But I simply do not feel it. That's why after we tried to do a more feminine shoot with the straw hats (check it on our instagram @floralpunk), I felt like doing one more shoot. With Nhu and her personal style. Actually her style is so great already, I barely ever have to tell her to do any styling. This outfit I saw her wearing in our insta stories, and I told her to bring it to the shoot haha. Nhu is the girl you see in our insta stories most of the time, our social media executive, btw : ) She's one of the few people, I see her wearing something, then I want to buy it. Like the Wephobia shirt from our last shoot, I think it looks great on her and then I go try it on, just to realize that it looks shit on me haha. The shirt she's wearing in this shoot is from Wephobia as well btw. 



I was invited to the launching event of the Petite Ashfield by Daniel Wellington yesterday and they took us to the top of Saigon. I totally forgot how gorgeous this city actually is. I loved the new pieces so much, I decided to stock them for Floralpunk again. DW did a little rebranding and looks much more contemporary and cool, but still classy, to me now. I totally love it ! 


With christmas coming up and the question what to give to your beloved ones, that is still affordable but still shows value, a watch is always a perfect gift I think. Daniel Wellington is the perfect everyday watch, bought and worn by so many people all over the world with its own signature look. Even with the new mash strap, it still looks super DW, a brand I admire because they totally made it ! 

Photos by me
Location: Glow Sky Bar, HCMC



Behind the scenes of a recent outfit shoot.
Photos by me

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Oh dear, the more we grow, the less I get to do the things I really like about working on Floralpunk. It's taking photos and having fun with the team. Creating visual content and conveying the styles that I like. For this shoot, mostly capturing product close ups in outfits (actually it was only one outfit), we went up to the rooftop of my condo. I never need a lot to shoot for Floralpunk. Good light and a white wall will do. Black and white is my thing, I never get bored of it : ) My model, Nhu, our social media assistant. And the rest of our marketing as production team haha.