In hanoi for paPerwork

I’m not even gone a day and I miss JJ so much already.


These days JJ has been sleeping with her grandma in her own room but every morning she wakes up, she will open the door to our room by herself and is always so happy and chatty when she comes in and sees us sleeping there. I know it’s part of life, but imagining her disappointment of not seeing us sleeping there tomorrow kind of makes me sad. I know she’s not going to be devastated and cry because she has her grandma, but still. JJ is just getting cuter and cuter by the day. I love her personality so much. She’s really funny in a weird way. Like she does weird funny things in order to make us laugh and she herself thinks she’s funny, too, so even if we don’t laugh she still laughs at herself. She’s pretty much like me when I’m acting like a monkey to my mom, boyfriend or closest friends. She probably thinks I’m funny, that’s why she picked up my kind of humor instead of her dads’ : ))) actually she’s very much like me in a lot of aspects, she just looks exactly like her dad. That’s what I was actually hoping for, when I was pregnant with her. I kept thinking that I wish she’d look like her dad but had my sense of humor haha. For the second child though, I really hope her or she will be as chill as a Nam is. One more of me in the family in form of JJ is enough already xD

Oh man, I really miss her.