I don’t know watches. I was just browsing The Real Real after clicking on a newsletter link, ended up on a page with watches and really liked these two.


There is a little typo in my graphic but I didn’t have the time to fix it and considering not a lot of people will see this post anyway I’ll just leave it as it is. Anyway, I often to online window shopping. Window shopping because you just look through all the stuff but never buy anything. I’m one of those people who can spend hours browsing, putting things in my shopping cart and end up just closing the tab, and that’s it.

I didn’t wanted to post these two watches on my instagram stories because I felt like it isn’t the right platform, so I’ll just post them here. My monthly views have gone down close to zero, and this is my last platform on which I feel people are less likely to judge me on my every move. Honestly, I’m tired of it, but it is a recognized addiction. And I’m definitely an addict. A social media addict.

The Harry Winston watch is sooo pretty, everything I love. Pretty classic shape, black croc leather strap, a little bit of bling. It’s 12,995 USD though. The Rolex is a classic but somehow I think this colourway looks cute. It’s about less than half the Harry Winston, and both are available on that luxury second hand online shop The Real Real right now. I found that website through a Youtube video I watched on Hermes bags the other day haha.