Back to work

after Lunar New Year


When you live in Asia you celebrate two new years eves. The normal new year and the lunar new year. For most businesses in other parts of the world, resting season comes after 1/1 but not so in Asia. After 31/12 everyone gets ready for the real thing. People will shop befor Lunar New Year like crazyyyyyyyy. And vacation and resting time comes after that. So yeah, today was the first day back at work, had pretty good meetings with the girls, set the goals for this upcoming year and can’t wait to tackle them ! We want to bring out more new shoes & bags that are very uniquely Floralpunk and besides that I want to increase online sales, reduce unnecessary costs and build up a better and more productive team. Our retail stores are doing pretty well, we just need to fix and tweak minor things. I really felt a sense of achievement when stepping into our empty store this morning and then once again after the girls set everything up.