from my #unhiddenthoughts instagram post.

Julia Doan Founder Floralpunk Vietnam Saigon Blogger

Am I crazy ? No I’m not. When I grew up most Vietnamese parents referred to me as hiền. I never felt the urge to be loud. To brag about what I can do, about what I think. In a group I was always the silent one. I would mostly let others have their way. Sometimes it’s funny that somehow I ended up as the boss of 30 people. My career wasn’t a skyrocket one. It was a long and tiresome process, but I learned so much along the way. When I look at other successful people, a lot of them are extroverts. Loud people who claim their title. That made me feel inferior for most of my life. Until I read the book Quiet and realised it’s ok to be introvert. I just always liked to share. Whoever read what I wrote, read it. If not then not. I’m also super ambitious, but without much talking. I set expectations and goals for myself, silently. I know what I want, and I try my best to get what I want. And if it requires hard work, sleepless nights and a lot of headache, so be it. I’ve never had a lot of hobbies. I don’t like chem gio or song ao. I like to take photos though. Moments as they are. I was lucky. To have found friends and a partner who truly understand and love me. I grew up feeling unloved and misunderstood by everyone. I always felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I listened to punk rock. Until I grew mature enough to understand that people have different ways of expressing their feelings. And it’s not always what you want to hear but you gotta respect that. Don’t try to change people if they don’t want it. Change has to come from within. I accepted the fact that I’m not the crazy, funny, loud kind of person. I have found my place in this world and even though sometimes I’m stressed, I’m happy. The way I am, and not trying to be somebody I am not.