Morning Routine

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When I go to sleep, Juju will be somewhere. He usually doesn't sleep on my bed. He has his own pillow in the corner, or he sleeps under my bed or just somewhere. But every time I wake up he will be there lying on my bed at my feet. And whenever I wake up he wakes up. He never gets up before me. He never goes to sleep after me. When I sleep, he sleeps. When I wake up, he wakes up. And once I do, he will come and lie next to me. Like into my arms, next to my body and he will want cuddles. He's super fluffy and soft, just like a teddy bear, so of course it's very nice. Like a childhood dream come true. You know when you wish your stuffed teddy bear was real ? Haha.

There are definitely pro and cons about having a dog. Just like having a baby. Or buying a car. And having parents. You enjoy all the joy they bring, and you live with the responsibilities they bring along. Don't get a dog when you can't bring up the feeling of responsibility to take him out for walks, to give him a proper social life, it's a living being with needs and it depends on you. 

My morning routine usually goes like this: I wake up, cuddle Juju, brush my teeth, make some tea, go take Juju to pee outside, come back with my tea cooled down a bit and either get ready to leave the house right away or I make breakfast for me and Juju and then leave the house. If I eat outside Juju gets to eat kibbles at the shop. I realised that if I don't have a proper routine, I feel kind of unbalanced. Especially my morning tea makes me calm down a lot and not feel so stressed right when I wake up and think of all the things I have to do that day.