So so many questions, here is the answer : )
Full video on how I do it at the end of this post.



I use this app for almost everything. To make banners for Floralpunk, to test layouts, I don't even know all the things I use it for, I just know that I use it a LOT. 

I love this app so much and without it my life would be incomplete now. Seriously, I use it whenever I need to present something to the girls, for collages, for anything visual pretty much. In case of instagram stories I use it to create gif-kinda things. I save every step, upload all the single steps on instagram stories and there you have your insta gif : ) I also use it to create backgrounds with typography in combination with cute cut pro because I find the typo function in CCP way too hard to use, and the only font I like is Didot, which CCP doesn't have I think. I didn't bother to actually even look, so I dont know.



I just found this app recently but I absolutely love it. It enables me to do all the drawing things I have always been wanting to do but haven't been capable of because of my lacking photoshop skills. It has a lot of touch short cut options which I still have to learn and master, but besides that, this app is amazing ! 

You have so many different pencil and colour options, but me being a person of consistency, I always use the same ones.

It does offer in-app purchases, but for me personally I don't find it necessary. But I'll probably buy them anyway, just in case. And to support the app developer hehe.



Ok this is the app most of you guys have probably been asking me about. How to insert videos and photos into one sequence. It's pretty much exactly like iMovie or any other desktop program, just that this one is actually strong enough to work on the iPhone! I hate the interface, because everything is so tiny and you have to use your huge fingers to put everything into place. But I have been using it so much that I'm kind of used to it now. At least I don't get annoyed anymore. There is also an iPad version which should be better, because bigger, and a version for Macbook, which I'm sure noone will use, because who would put in that much effort for insta stories, right ?

My most favourite people in the world for insta stories are Shini Park and her assistant Simon, who are genious. I love their insta stories so much because they are always so so so creative and on point.

In case you don't know Shini Park from, go check out her blog now. The content will blow your mind. I have been following her for ten years or so, ever since I was a 14-year old teenage girl sitting in front of my living room computer and didn't even know what an iPhone was. Simon also recently re-launched his webpage under Or follow them on instagram ! @ownwayofinspiration & @parkncube. 

This is the real time video of me creating a story for instagram using the apps mentioned above. I hope this answers all your questions : )