Photos: Dong Hoai Nam & me

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Located just a few minutes walk from Hongik University Station, 9 Brick hotel is a beautiful and calm oasis in the middle of the buzz. 

This is the first time that I actually stayed at a proper hotel in Seoul. Usually I travel by myself and stay in the Dongdaemeun area at a hostel/guest house (either Vanilla or Beige). This time, with cost divided by two I wanted to treat myself to something really nice-looking, so I picked this hotel. I loved everything about the room, from the bathroom to the water kettle. Service was truly so so though, and Hongdae is a busy location, but not really my age group any longer. My favourite areas Itaewon and Gangnam took a long trip across town every day. The good thing about this hotel though, there is always something to eat around at any hour of the day with this part of Hongdae being a student party hot spot.

I'm currently looking for bathroom inspirations on Pinterest pretty much every day, because I figured out that if I want to have the home of my dreams in Vietnam, I have to do things myself. So far I have not encountered one interior designer whose work I like. I look at tiles and glas, all kinds of materials, irons, woods and this bathroom has been so inspiring. I forgot to take photos of the shower cabin, but it had this beautiful glas door I fell in love with ! These days, I look at interior things so much, I might change my profession soon haha.

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