Ok let's get the Seoul blog series started ! 
Location: Northern Palace (Gyeongbokgung Station, Exit 5)
Photos: Dong Hoai Nam

Julia Doan Outfit Seoul 2-4.jpg
julia doan fashion blogger black outfit


Jewelry & Bag - Floralpunk / Top & Pants - DDM Wholesale Market / Hat - Zara / Shoes - Vans / Bandana - borrowed

What you guys probably don't know, my pants were actually open. I bought them in size M and my belly was too big to zip them up. But because the top was wide, I just hid it and walked around with open pants all day : ))) I bought top and pants at the Dongdaemeun Wholesale market, because I already ran out of clothes after day 3 or so. The bag and jewelry are from Floralpunk and the bandana belongs to le boyfriend. The hat is still from Zara Mans. But I'm trying to make one for Floralpunk right now so stay tuned for that ! I still have tons of photos to edit from Seoul. I really wanna do something cool, layout-wise, but I guess I don't have the skillz, so I will stick to my usual blogging style haha. 

Julia Doan Outfit Seoul 2.jpg
Julia Doan Outfit Seoul 2-2.jpg
Julia Doan Outfit Seoul 2-3.jpg