& pregnancy week 16 to 20 or so.



Ok ever since I got to know that I'm pregnant, I decided for myself that I will change the way I live and work by all means. That I will not be the lazy procrastinator who is always kind of unhappy with herself anymore. I decided that I will do whatever it takes the next couple months for myself to be happy, so I don't end up as a depressive mother who blames her child for her miserable life. My life is not miserable but you know what I mean. And you know my struggles if you have been following me for long enough. When I was in Germany I picked up this book, it's called L'art de la Simplicite - How to Live More With Less. When I bought it, I thought it would be one similar to one of the Marie Kondo books I read before (which also influenced me a lot). But for me personally, I found this book, even though at times kind of too restricting in tone, so so so helpful. It gives you advise on almost all life aspects that you could possibly care about from eating to clothing and friends, and as the title says, how to live more with less. I personally found this book very enriching and highly recommend it. I read it within a few days and came back to Vietnam full of energy and spirit to tackle my problems. Now a few weeks later I still try to apply the principles in my life, I still try to keep my life, neat, tidy, organised and with as little clutter as possible. 

Besides that I have been working super hard on Floralpunk's upcoming collections because I will give birth end of December and I don't want to be overloaded with work when I'm like super super pregnant lol. We have some really cool products coming up and we will also open a new store in Hanoi next month ! Can't wait to share everythingggggg.