BERLIN DAY 3: I saw Julia Junior's heartbeat and toes !!

The initial reason I came to Germany this time was to get myself checked out.
And it was a good decision.

I don't know whether it was just the hospital I went to for my first check up (Benh Vien Phu San Quoc Te on Bui Thi Xuan Street), or those specific doctors, but I felt treated like I came in for a running nose and not to confirm that I'm expecting my first child ever. It was super unfriendly and just not what I would expect from doctors who deal with people who are about to become mom's. In Germany announcing a pregnancy is still a big awwwww and congratulations thing. At that hospital I was treated like, you are 7.5 weeks pregnant, here is your ultrasound photo, go get the blood test, come back in two months. No explanations, nothing. And I paid like 200$ for everything. They also gave me medicine with no explanations, I googled them and decided not to take them. I don't trust medicine that has no google record except for random Vietnamese websites and the Korean pharmacy company website. So yeah, I went for my second check up here in Berlin at my gynaecologist and he was super kind and friendly, explained a billion things to me, told me what to take care of, what not, and it was just a much more pleasant experience. I might change to benh vien hanh phuc after I come back to Vietnam and if I don't like it there either I'll definitely do all my check ups in Germany and probably give birth in Germany. Let's see. Anyway, ultrasound !!! I was super worried about my baby because I've been having stomach pain and everything. I'm a pessimist, what if it died in my belly and i didn't know (ok too extreme lol). But what if ??? So I didn't even accept the fact that I will be a mother until I saw its heart beating on that ultrasound screen and when I saw the arms and legs and all the five toes, I was close to tears. What an experienceeeeee. Seriously. There's something inside of me man : )))) You know I'm not the girly girly girl who is like super optimistic, warm and always happy. I'm more a pessimist and prepared for the worst, but I am looking forward to Julia Juniorrrr. The only thing I'm worried about is stretch marks (no after long research, cremes barely help), and my bigger getting boobs. And breastfeeding and teared up nipples and all that. Sounds horrible to me. But I trust all the millions of women who have done this before me and say that everything is forgotten once you hold your baby in your arms for the first time haha.