Differences in time.

Very dear blog readers. I have made a major observation today which totally explains my dissatisfaction with living in Saigon. Don't get me wrong, I love Saigon. I also love living in Saigon. But there are some things that I really hate. And one things is the way time flies. When I wake up in Saigon, I literally don't do shits and it already gets dark and I feel like I didn't get anything done, and the day is already over. Oh my mom just called me and she manages to freak me out every single time. Moms. Haizz. Anyway, in Germany on the other hand, I do so many things in a day, from grocery shopping to laundry and work, and it's still only 9pm by the time I finish off for the day. In Saigon I often sit until 3am and am still not ready for bed. The flow of time is different and I feel it every time I come back to Germany. And I feel how time flies every single day in Saigon. It's super weird. One thing I noticed is how much better my time management is in Berlin. I can really calculate exactly how much time I need for single tasks, for transportation, from walking from here to there, etc. Let's take what I did this morning for example. I live in a very lively neighbourhood that has everything. This morning I woke up, finished some work for Floralpunk, I went to buy a toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo at a drug store, then I walked to the bakery, bought bread, went on to the supermarket and bought cheese, then I headed to H&M to buy a new bra and everything took me no longer than 40 minutes. Like I did so many things in only 40 minutes. In Saigon on the other hand, I rarely break down my time in minutes. I calculate in hours. Like I assign an hour for every task. And if I procrastinate, one task will take two hours. In Saigon you spend so much time in transportation because everything is so widespread, or is it just me? Maybe because I don't live in a typical neighbourhood and don't like online shopping. I waste so much time just getting around. But even if I just sit at the store and do nothing I still feel like time flies super fast. 

But what can I do. Anyway, I'm so so so happy to be back in Berlin. I missed everything so much. From grocery shopping to meeting friends. Or just walking around Berlin Mitte. So many gorgeous stores and cafes, I'm almost jealous. I wish Floralpunk could look that pretty. Floralpunk is not bad, but it's quality-wise not how I wish it was. Can't compare Vietnamese construction quality to German. I still hope I can spent like 3-4 months every year in Berlin  in the future and the rest in Saigon. Because I'll definitely stay in Saigon. Too many opportunities I don't want to miss out on. And less shopping opportunities, so I'm capable of spending money more wisely : ))