Update from my life part idontevenknow.


Hey kids, hey blog, it's been a while. It's currently 3:36pm, I woke up around one and a half hours ago, and even though that was late as fuck, I took my time today, to go through my usual morning routine. I do have a morning routine, it's just not always in the morning, because I often go to bed late and wake up pretty late. I have still no fixed sleeping pattern but I do have a routine for after I wake up. Which is waking up, checking my phone for messages but not replying them immediately, checking insta stories, instagram, reading some blog entries and then slowly getting out of bed, making a cup of tea, taking out my macbook and starting to list out what I have to do for the day or simply doing something that comes up in my mind at that moment that makes me feel productive. Which is today writing this blog entry. Anything that I share with you guys is productive to me : ) I'm sitting in my hotel room with a nice sunny view, cup of tea next to me and thinking about one topic that has bothered me and influenced my life a lot the past year: bloating. My doctor told me that I have a stomach infection after I went there because of bloating. I thought my bloating and immense amount of gas in my stomach was directly linked to the infection but apparently it is not. The infection probably increases the level of inflammation that happens due to certain food intolerance but overall I think my bloating + gas is more related to what I eat. Hence I have to be more considerate about what I eat from now on. The reason why I got thinking about this is because I watched Lee's insta stories about bloating & constipation and then I moved on to read the blog entry and it totally relates to my case. Yesterday was horrible. I had a big Turkish dinner and the food was so so so good, but I felt bloated as fuckkkkk afterwards. I have a few ideas on what could cause my bloating and last night's dinner involved all of it. My belly was hugeeeee and filled with gas. After dinner all I wanted to do was to lie down. It's really not a nice feeling when after every meal you eat, you feel pretty shit. But that's what's been happening to me for the past almost two years. So I will look into Lee's tips and find out what causes my bloating and I guess I will have to change my diet. I might try the clean program I guess. I haven't been very healthy lately, my self-discipline hit bottom somewhere along the way, I slag off in pretty much everything and it's making me really really unhappy. But I know it's my fault, so it's time to kick my lazy ass again. Health and feeling well is at stake !