Another version of me

I think I have changed.

Change is something that always happens very subtle and slowly in my life. It often happens without me realising it. The changes that I want to force upon myself never actually happen. In my life it is always more a progress. This is the first time that I'm so conscious about a change that is going on in my life. My feelings, I don't throw myself into them, I observe them. I look at my life, how it is and where I want it to go. I feel like I have influence on what's going on. But as scary as life is, you never know whether you are doing the right thing. I really try to act based on my values and expectations of life, so I won't have to regret anything later on. The least thing you want is a life of regrets. 

I even look different now, just because I decided to buy concealer. I have never really used concealer before and never realised its real impact until now. At 24. Wow.