Life is kinda weird.

Do you believe that if you really want something and are up to do everything it takes to get it, the universe is going to give you what you want ? I don't know, all my live I have never believed in those kind of thoughts but a few days ago something happened and it really got me wondering. So the past months haven't been so good for me. I have been really sad and down, I never felt completely happy so I did everything just halfheartedly. I didn't accept any influencer jobs, I didn't want to meet anyone, I didn't really want to do anything. Everything I did because I felt like I have to. Three days ago while reading the book "Emotional Agility", I realised, that I do want to have my pre-lovesickness life back. And I decided that I will and want to work hard again to make the best out of my life. The next day I was really happy and took a selfie. I have never gotten that many likes before. Either Facebook or Instagram. Two people contacted me for photo shootings, two interview requests, and long-time followers contacted me to cheer me up. Everything within two days after months of nothingness. It came to me as a surprise because I thought I'd have to work myself up again, but then things just came to me. I guess I'm really lucky, or there is something about the rules of attraction.