photos by me
Quynh (@quynhhlnguyen) as model

< 情人节快乐 >

Everyone happy in love yet ? Let me tell you one thing about love that I know. Love is everything but easy. And self-help books sometimes actually help. I don't want to talk about my relationship right now (or do I?) because it gives people opportunity to bash me and I'm just not in the mood for that because I still have so much work to worry about, but in case anybody cares about me enough to leave me this one after months of crying and being sad: I'm happy now. And still with the same guy. And nothing is ever how I expect them to be but as already said, love ain't easy. You feel me on this one, don't cha. Anyway, whoever is happily single right now, I'd go and get a big pizza and eat it all by myself without having to worry about the last piece while watching some good anime. Cheeeers <3