Little efforts

Ok my sleeping problems have escalated....  


I have never been an early-sleeper, but lately my sleeping habits and my bedtime routine are getting very unhealthy. I go to bed with work on my mind and the first thing I do when I wake up is checking my phone and getting stressed out over work again. My whole life is just work and work right now, and yes I know that’s not good but even worse when you’re pregnant. I really have to start to accept the fact that it’s ok if christmas is not going to be as picture-perfect as I hope it will be. And I should also be less of a control-freak and just let the girls do. I have overly high expectations for christmas sales, and if sales is bad, it’s a reflection of my work, or that’s how I feel : ( like I didn’t try hard enough. Because I know all our bugs and what can still be improved, so of course I want to fix them. But yeah, not good. Take time for JJ and Juju ! Take time to get prepared for parenthood ! How about finish setting up the apartment first before doing everything for Floralpunk haha. 

I will charge my phone on the other side of the bed from now on and after I wake up, I will go through my morning routine of brushing my teeth, taking Juju out, a cup of tea and getting ready before I check my phone ! Weird how breakfast is not even part of my morning routine. I should have breakfast. And now I should sleep.